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Roadtrips and Camping

Wildlife Experiences



City Discoveries

Outdoor Tipps

Roadtrips and Camping

With the Land Rover Series 2, the four-wheel camper Iveco 40/10 WM or a rental car. Come with us on road trips through Iceland, the Baltic States, Scotland, Svanetia or the Balkans. Here you can find out everything about our routes, highlights, campsites and all kinds of other tips for your planning.

Road Trip Albania - 15 Highlights & Tips and Route
Road Trip Georgia: in 4×4 Lada Niva from Kutaisi through Svaneti
Mit Land Rover Serie II nach Island - ABC für einen "Offroad"-Trip
With Land Rover Series II to Iceland - ABC for an "Offroad"-Trip
Roadtrip Ostsee – 21 Highlights, Tipps und Route für Russland & Baltikum
Roadtrip Baltic Sea - 21 Highlights, Tips and Route for Russia & Baltic States

Wildlife Experiences

Encounters with wild animals are always something special and usually very intense. Whales, sharks, sea lions and penguins are my clear favorites. I have compiled my best travel tips for wildlife encounters for you. For moments that you will never forget in your life.

Mit Traktor und Heuwagen zu den Puffins von Ingólfshöfði
With Tractor and Hay Cart to the Puffins of Ingólfshöfði
Amboseli Nationalpark - Safari mit Elefantengarantie
Amboseli National Park - Safari with Elephant Guarantee
Die Beluga Wale der Solowezki-Inseln
The Beluga Whales of the Solowezki Islands
The King Penguins of Tierra del Fuego


Whether a big challenge or a small hike. Here you can give free rein to your wanderlust. Accompany me to former military training areas at the gates of Berlin or up to dizzying heights on Mt. Kenya or the Kora around Mt. Kailash.

Mount Kenya – hoch hinaus auf den Point Lenana
Mount Kenya - high up on Point Lenana
Besteigung des Half Dome im Yosemite Nationalpark
Climbing the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park
Isle of Skye – die 9 schönsten Wanderungen
Isle of Skye - the 9 most beautiful Walks
Trekking um den Mount Kailash
Trekking around the Mount Kailash

Unterwasser und Überwasser

Diving and snorkeling in very special places: Between two continental plates in Iceland, with basking sharks in Scotland, in a submarine bunker in Montenegro, with sea lions and leopard sharks in California or with bull sharks and whale sharks in Mexico.

Schottland – Schnorcheln mit Riesenhaien
Scotland - Snorkeling with Basking Sharks
Seelöwen von La Jolla - Tipps fürs Beobachten und Schnorcheln
Sea Lions of La Jolla - Tips for Watching and Snorkeling
Schnorcheln mit Walhaien vor La Paz, Mexiko
Snorkeling with Whale Sharks off La Paz, Mexico
Shark Diving mit Bullenhaien in Cabo Pulmo, Mexiko - Tipps fürs Haitauchen
Shark Diving with Bull Sharks in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico & Tips for Shark Diving

City Discoveries

Street Art and Lost Places, tips for exploring on your own as well as recommendations for tours, accommodations, etc. In addition, I give you in many of my articles still hints to the most beautiful most beautiful photo locations. Because with the camera the city exploration is twice as much fun.
Darüber hinaus gebe ich euch in vielen meiner Artikel noch Hinweise zu den
schönsten Fotolocations. Denn mit der Kamera macht die Stadterkundung gleich doppelt so viel Spaß.

Klöster in Tibet - heilige Orte auf dem Dach der Welt
Monasteries in Tibet - holy Places on the Roof of the World
Lost Places in Berlin und Brandenburg
Lost Places in Berlin and Brandenburg
Eisenhüttenstadt sozialistische Planstadt
Eisenhüttenstadt - Time Travel to a Socialist Planned City
Street Art Map – Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Astronaut/Cosmonaut von Victor Ash
Street Art Guide & Map Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Outdoor Tips

On this page you will find everything that belongs to the outdoor life and travel:
It is about travel preparations, the choice of the right outdoor equipment, the necessary skills and recommendations for your packing list. You will also find book tips and gift ideas - for your loved ones and for yourself.

#stayathome - land-rover-spielzeugauto
Tips for Outdoor Feeling at Home
Midges in Schottland - Wann? Wo? Was hilft?
Midges in Scotland - When? Where? What helps? Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay
Geschenkideen für Outdoor-Mädels
Gift Ideas for Outdoor Girls
Packliste für die Besteigung des Point Lenana, Mount Kenya
Packing List for the Ascent of Point Lenana, Mount Kenya