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Erinnerungen und Erlebnisse verewigen – 5 Tipps für eure schönsten Fotos

Make Memories and Experiences last - 5 Tips for your best Photos

How do you capture your best memories? Let yourself be inspired: Poster printing, fridge magnets and more ideas for your photos.
Zukunftsvisionen von Gestern: Sowjetische Architektur und Brutalismus in Tiflis

Yesterday's Visions of the Future: Soviet Architecture in Tbilisi

Yesterday's visions of the future: discover Soviet architecture, Brutalism and mosaics in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.
Tschiatura Seilbahnen

Chiatura - Legendary Cable Cars, Lost Places, Soviet Architecture and More

What is left of the cable cars in Chiatura in 2021? Does the Lost Place Pioneer Palace still exist? Including map with photo motifs.
Puffins beobachten Westmännerinseln - Wann & Wo?

Loved ones of the Westman Islands – This is how you see Puffins

Tips for watching puffins in the Westman Islands. The largest puffin colony in the world lives here, with 1.1 million breeding pairs.
DDR-Architektur in Berlin: Fototour vom Alexanderplatz zum Frankfurter Tor

GDR Architecture in Berlin: Photo Tour from Alexanderplatz to Frankfurter Tor

Monumental propaganda buildings, boulevards and prefabricated buildings. Photo tour on your own through the GDR architecture in Berlin.

Photo Tour in "Elektropolis" - Industrial Architecture in Berlin Schöneweide

Tips for the best photo tour in Berlin Schöneweide on your own for lovers of industrial architecture, brick romance and lost places.
Street Art Map – Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Astronaut/Cosmonaut von Victor Ash

Street Art Guide & Map Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

You want to know where the best murals are in Berlin, who painted them and what they stand for? Let's start with the Street Art Map for Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.
Vestrahorn - der fotogene"Batman Berg" in Island

Vestrahorn – photogenic "Batman Mountain" in Iceland

In the southeast of Iceland you can find the "Batman Mountain" Vestrahorn - one of the most photogenic mountains in the country. Tips for photographers and hikers.
Sehenswertes London - 10 Highlights & Fototipps für deinen Kurztrip

Sights of London - 13 Highlights for your Short Trip

London is worth seeing and perfect for a short trip - here I tell you my 13 highlights including photo tips for the metropolis on the Thames.
Fototipps für eure Unterwasser- Bilder von den La Jolla Seelöwen

Photo Tips for your underwater Pictures of the La Jolla Sea Lions

Read my photo tips for your underwater pictures of La Jolla sea lions here. Snorkeling with sea lions is a unique experience.
Mono Lake - Sehenswertes und Fototipps

Mono Lake - Sights and Photo Tips

The salt lake Mono Lake in California is a highlight for every photographer. Find out here my best photo tips and what is worth seeing at Mono Lake.
Klöster in Tibet - heilige Orte auf dem Dach der Welt

Monasteries in Tibet - holy Places on the Roof of the World

Discover the monasteries in Tibet on the roof of the world - architecture, statues, mani stones, prayer drums and offerings & tips on photography.