Hike to the Fireguard Hut on Otsamo Mountain near Inari

Hike zur Brandwächter-Hütte auf dem Otsamo bei Inari
The summit of Otsamo is a popular hiking destination. In addition to the great view over Inari, there is also a suspension bridge and rapids to keep you entertained.

Wilderness Church Pielpajärvi – Hike to the Sámi Church near Inari

Wilderness Church Pielpajärvi - Hike Inari
The old Sámi church on Lake Pielpajärvi near Inari bears witness to a long tradition and is also a popular hiking destination in beautiful natural surroundings.

Husky Guide Training – Two Months with Hetta Huskies in Finland

One learns for life...or for the dogs. Especially a husky guide training at Hetta Huskies in Finland teaches one a lot. Curious?