Albania is considered one of the last "off-road" paradises in Europe. Numerous tracks lead through beautiful mountain landscapes and guarantee great views and idyllic campsites for the night. If you love nature and mountains and maybe even have a four-wheel camper, you will be thrilled by this small mountain country in the western Balkans.

On this page you will find an overview of all my articles about our road trip in Albania with "Arwak", the offroad camper Iveco 40.10 WM..

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Roadtrip Albanien - 15 Highlights & Tipps und Route

Road Trip Albania - 15 Highlights & Tips and Route

Off-road paradise Albania - perfect for four-wheel campers. Highlights, information and tips for your road trip in Albania incl. suggested route.
Roadtrip Albanien - Osum Canyon bis Lengarica Canyon

Roadtrip Albania - Osum Canyon to Lengarica Canyon

Tips for your road trip in Albania - Osum Canyon, Bënja thermal springs, river hiking in Lengarica Canyon. Tips for campsites.
Roadtrip Albanien - Mit der Fähre über den Komanstausee

Roadtrip Albania - with the Ferry across the Komani Lake

A ferry ride across Lake Coman is a highlight of any trip to Albania. Here you can read all the information and other tips for your road trip.
Mit dem Allrad Camper nach Theth

Roadtrip Albania - with the 4x4-Camper to Theth

Planning a road trip in Albania? Then the mountain village of Theth in the Albanian Alps should be on your to-do list. Why? Find out here.
Roadtrip Albanien - "Offroad"-Piste am Schwarzen Drin

Road Trip Albania - "Offroad" Track at the Black Drin

Travelogue, info and the best tips for the offroad track at the Black Drin in Albania. Incl. tips for campsites for the night.