On this page you will find an overview of all my articles, reports, photo and travel tips for a road trip in Albania.

Roadtrip Albanien - 15 Highlights & Tipps und Route

Road Trip Albania - 15 Highlights & Tips and Route

Off-road paradise Albania - perfect for four-wheel campers. Highlights, information and tips for your road trip in Albania incl. suggested route.
Roadtrip Albanien - Osum Canyon bis Lengarica Canyon

Roadtrip Albania - Osum Canyon to Lengarica Canyon

Tips for your road trip in Albania - Osum Canyon, Bënja thermal springs, river hiking in Lengarica Canyon. Tips for campsites.
Roadtrip Albanien - Mit der Fähre über den Komanstausee

Roadtrip Albania - with the Ferry across the Komani Lake

A ferry ride across Lake Coman is a highlight of any trip to Albania. Here you can read all the information and other tips for your road trip.
Mit dem Allrad Camper nach Theth

Roadtrip Albania - with the 4x4-Camper to Theth

Planning a road trip in Albania? Then the mountain village of Theth in the Albanian Alps should be on your to-do list. Why? Find out here.
Roadtrip Albanien - "Offroad"-Piste am Schwarzen Drin

Roadtrip Albanien – “Offroad”-Piste am Schwarzen Drin

Travelogue, info and the best tips for the offroad track at the Black Drin in Albania. Incl. tips for campsites for the night.