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Open one' s eyes, see the world, see it differently. My blog is about traveling and experiencing nature, the widening of horizons and hearts. I will tell you about my road trips, trekking tours, wildlife experiences and dives. But there are also some discoveries in cities, especially Street Art and Lost Places I will tell you about. So enjoy reading!

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Hike zur Brandwächter-Hütte auf dem Otsamo bei Inari

Hike to the Fireguard Hut on Otsamo Mountain near Inari

The summit of Otsamo is a popular hiking destination. In addition to the great view over Inari, there is also a suspension bridge and rapids to keep you entertained.
Wilderness Church Pielpajärvi - Hike Inari

Wilderness Church Pielpajärvi – Hike to the Sámi Church near Inari

The old Sámi church on Lake Pielpajärvi near Inari bears witness to a long tradition and is also a popular hiking destination in beautiful natural surroundings.
Madeira fotografieren – die besten Fotolocations für Naturfreunde

Photographing Madeira – the best Photo Locations for Nature Lovers

There are countless great photo locations in Madeira. Here are my top 7 including extra tips for anyone who wants to discover even more along the way.

Wilderness Guide Training in Sweden with the Guide Academy Europe

Fire with wet wood, nature conservation on tour, hut etiquette, handicrafts - impressions of the Wilderness Guide Training of the Guide Academy Europe in Swedish Lapland.

Wildlife Photography with Respect

Tips for respectful wildlife photography: To ensure that our hobby does not come at the expense of the animals, there are a few things to do...or not to do.
Winterfotografie – Interview mit den Fotonomaden

Tips for Winter Photography – Interview with the Fotonomaden

"Slow and simple" is the motto of Karin from Fotonomaden. Find out what it's all about and read Karin's tips on winter photography.

Birdwatching for Beginners - with Binoculars in Search of Happiness

Birdwatching will make you happy! You can do it almost anywhere and it doesn't have to cost much. What hobby can compete with that?
Schlafsack Oscar -2 von Nordisk

PET Bottles to cuddle! Sleeping Bag Oscar -2 from Nordisk in the Test

Light, warm, and sustainable. The 3-season sleeping bag Oscar -2 from Nordisk in the test on tour in Lapland.

Shit happens! A Small Guide for the "Big Business" in Nature

How do you shit in nature without shitting on nature? You can find out here in my little guide for beginners and advanced outdoor people.

The best Garbage is the one that is not produced: Garbage Avoidance on Trekking Tour

Simple tips to reduce waste on a trekking tour - save packaging, do it yourself, find alternatives or do without something.

Nature friendly Camping – Tips to follow and join in

When you're camping, you're in the green. But is camping really as green as it feels? And if not - how can it be more nature-friendly?

Leave No Trace! Principles for Nature-friendly Outdoor Life

What can you do for nature when you're outdoors? "Leave no Trace" for a greener outdoor life. The 7 principles to follow.