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On this page you will find an overview of everything that belongs to outdoor life and travel: It's about travel preparations, choosing the right outdoor equipment, the necessary skills and recommendations for your packing list. You will also find gift ideas and DIY instructions for traveling and being outdoors.

Selbst gebaute Messer im Messerbaukurs – Handwerkkurs

Knife-Making Course – Sami style Craftsmanship at Trekk'n Guide

Im Messerbaukurs im Outdoorcamp bei Trekk'n Guide lernt ihr, traditionelle Messer nach Vorbild der Sami zu bauen.
Schlafsack Oscar -2 von Nordisk

PET Bottles to cuddle! Sleeping Bag Oscar -2 from Nordisk in the Test

Light, warm, and sustainable. The 3-season sleeping bag Oscar -2 from Nordisk in the test on tour in Lapland.
Erinnerungen und Erlebnisse verewigen – 5 Tipps für eure schönsten Fotos

Make Memories and Experiences last - 5 Tips for your best Photos

How do you capture your best memories? Let yourself be inspired: Poster printing, fridge magnets and more ideas for your photos.
Die 13 besten Polarfilme

Movie Tips! The 13 best Polar Movies

Immerse yourself in exciting adventures and visually stunning documentaries. Bring the Arctic and Antarctica into your living room with my film tips for polar films.
Packliste für die Besteigung des Point Lenana, Mount Kenya

Packing List for the Ascent of Point Lenana, Mount Kenya

Useful packing list for the ascent of Point Lenana on Mount Kenya on a 6-day trekking tour Chogoria-Sirimon route.
Midges in Schottland - Wann? Wo? Was hilft?

Midges in Scotland - When? Where? What helps?

Scotland without midges? Too good to be true. When, where and in which weather are the most mosquitoes? Tips for mosquito protection.
Vom Spielzeugauto zum Schlüsselanhänger - DIY in 5 Schritten

From Toy Car to Keychain - DIY in 5 Steps

DIY tutorial for probably the coolest keychain in the world - from an old toy car! A great gift, very easy to make yourself.
#stayathome - land-rover-spielzeugauto

Tips for Outdoor Feeling at Home

You stay at home, maybe even in Corona quarantine? You miss being outside? Get some outdoor feeling at home with my tips.

Polar Literature - Book Tips on the Arctic and Antarctic

Polar literature - my book tips about the Arctic and Antarctica - book recommendations about adventures of the great polar explorers, expeditions, polar journeys, travel guides - sorry, in German only