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What are the "Essential Skills" for outdoor tours"? Certainly the use of map and compass. Also, every hiker should know the signs of weather worsening and be able to safely apply first aid measures. However, another important skill is often not perceived as such. But just like navigation or the application of bandages, this is also essential and needs to be learned and practiced:

Conservation on Tour

Nature conservation on tour was an important part of my training as a trekking guide at the Guide Academy Europe. In addition to nature-friendly tour planning in compliance with local rules, the topics also included waste avoidance, cooking and hygiene along the way, as well as the protection of animals and plants on tour and in camp. As a nature conservation officer, Christoph Maretzek, the founder of the Guide Academy Europe, introduced nature conservation on tour as early as 2012 in the guide training program of the former IWV e.V. As project manager for the construction of the trekking trail in the Odenwald in 2020/2021, Christoph had the opportunity to integrate nature conservation on tour into the camp design and layout of the camps. At the Guide Academy, the idea of nature conservation on tour is intensively trained, practiced, and continuously developed. This benefits not only all guides in training and business, but above all nature - our favorite place. And so do we.

Everyone can learn and practice nature conservation on tour quickly.
No matter where it takes you.
Here we go, with the first step:
read on and be curious.

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Naturbewusst Packraften

Nature conservation on tour: Nature-friendly packrafting

Naturverträgliches Verhalten beim Packraften ist nicht nur wichtig für den Naturschutz sondern auch schnell erlernbar. Mit ein paar einfachen Ansätzen Pflanzen und Tiere, deren Laich- und Brutgebiete schützen.

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