People often pay little attention to their own home country as a travel destination. Many people often know the sights in foreign cities better than those in their own city.

When, in March 2020, travel was suddenly no longer possible as usual because of Covid-19, many people began to discover their home country. I, too, set out to discover Berlin and the surrounding area.

Have a look and get inspired.

Und alle, die einen Ausflug in oder nach Berlin und Brandenburg planen, werden hier schnell fündig:
Green Berlin


DDR-Architektur in Berlin: Fototour vom Alexanderplatz zum Frankfurter Tor

GDR Architecture in Berlin: Photo Tour from Alexanderplatz to Frankfurter Tor

Monumental propaganda buildings, boulevards and prefabricated buildings. Photo tour on your own through the GDR architecture in Berlin.

Schönower Heide – "Wildlife Hiking Trail" across former Military Training Area

Information and tips for hiking and observing grazing animals on the former military training area Schönower Heide north of Berlin.
Storchendorf Linum - Störche, Kraniche und andere Vögel beobachten

Störche, Kraniche & Co – Birdwatching rund ums “Storchendorf” Linum

Excursion tips for the "Stork Village" Linum and birdwatching in the surrounding pond country. When can you see storks and cranes near Linum?

Fototour in “Elektropolis” – Industriearchitektur in Berlin Schöneweide

Tips for the best photo tour in Berlin Schöneweide on your own for lovers of industrial architecture, brick romance and lost places.
Grünes Berlin - Ausflugstipp Greenwichpromenade und Tegeler Forst

Green Berlin - Excursion Tip Greenwichpromenade and Tegel Forest

Out into the green! With my excursion tips for Berlin - here you will learn everything for a trip to the Greenwichpromenade and the Tegeler Forst.
Street Art Map – Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Astronaut/Cosmonaut von Victor Ash

Street Art Guide & Map Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

You want to know where the best murals are in Berlin, who painted them and what they stand for? Let's start with the Street Art Map for Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.
Das RAW-Gelände - Urban Art und Lost Place Romantik

RAW Area - Urban Art and Lost Place Romantics

You want to visit the hotspots for urban art and street art in Berlin? Then you should not miss the RAW area.
Haus Schwarzenberg – Street Art Hotspot in Berlin

House Schwarzenberg - Street Art Highlight in Berlin

Haus Schwarzenberg at Hackescher Markt is the smallest and probably most popular street art highlight in Berlin. What is there to see here?
Street Art Spaziergang Bülowstraße - Kunst für alle!

Street Art Walk Bülowstraße - Art for Everyone!

Fancy a street art walk around Bülowstraße? Street Art Hotspot in Berlin - Photo Gallery & Route & Museum
Berliner Mauerweg – 15 Highlights rund um West-Berlin

Berlin Wall Trail - 15 Highlights around West Berlin

Was sind die Highlights am Berliner Mauerweg? Welche Etappen lohnen sich am meisten? Wo gibt es noch Wachtürme und sehenswerte Mauerreste?
Spurensuche – Wachtürme und Reste der Berliner Mauer

Traces - Watchtowers and remains of the Berlin Wall

Where are the former watchtowers of the Berlin Wall still located? And where are there still sections of the former border fortifications worth seeing?
Art Park Tegel - die Graffiti-Hochhäuser von Berlin

Art Park Tegel - the Graffiti Skyscrapers of Berlin

Where are the biggest murals in Berlin? In the "Art Park Tegel". The eight huge works of art are a "must see" for all street art fans.