On this page you will find an overview of all my articles, reports, photo and travel tips for trips to Iceland. It's about a road trip with my old Land Rover Series II and Tipi tent to Iceland and about ice-cold polar snorkeling in the Silfa fissure. Four years later I traveled to Iceland again, this time to the south. It was my first trip to the Covid-19 lockdown and meant a lot to me after a 6-month without travelling.

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Pompeji von Island & Vulkan Eldfell auf den Westmännerinseln

Pompeii of Iceland - Excursion to Eldfell Volcano of Vestmannaeyjar

Following the traces of the 1973 volcanic eruption: climbing the Eldfell volcano in the south of Iceland, museum and walk in the "lava forest".
Puffins beobachten Westmännerinseln - Wann & Wo?

Loved ones of the Westman Islands – This is how you see Puffins

Tips for watching puffins in the Westman Islands. The largest puffin colony in the world lives here, with 1.1 million breeding pairs.

Highlights of a Boat Trip around the Westman Island Heimaey

Lava landscape, bird cliffs, sea caves and more. Why you shouldn't miss a boat trip around the Westman Island of Heimaey in Iceland.
Islands Kronjuwelen: Welche ist die schönste Gletscherlagune?

Iceland's Crown Jewels: Which is the most beautiful Glacier Lagoon?

Jökulsárlón, Fjallsárlón and Heinabergslón glacier lagoons in Iceland. Which is the most beautiful? Where are there boat and kayak tours?
Westmännerinseln – Wanderung zu den Puffins am windigsten Ort in Island

Vestmannaeyjar - Hike to the windiest Place in Iceland

Spectacular coastline, lava landscape and puffins - worthwhile hike to Cape Stórhöfði in Vestmannaeyjar, the windiest place in whole Iceland.
Vestrahorn - der fotogene"Batman Berg" in Island

Vestrahorn – fotogener “Batman Berg” in Island

In the southeast of Iceland you can find the "Batman Mountain" Vestrahorn - one of the most photogenic mountains in the country. Tips for photographers and hikers.
Vulkankrater Kerið – malerischer Kratersee an Islands "Golden Circle"

Vulkankrater Kerið – malerischer See am “Golden Circle” in Island

All information for your visit to the volcanic crater Kerid in the south of Iceland. Worthwhile addition for every day tour at the "Golden Circle".
Aussichtsreiche Wanderung auf den Hjörleifshöfði im Süden von Island

Panoramic Hike to the Hjörleifshöfði in the South of Iceland

Short hike to the inselberg Hjörleifshöfði in the south of Iceland. View of Mýrdalssandur, glacier, Viking grave, ruins, cave.
Raufarhólshellir - der bunte Lavatunnel in Island

Raufarhólshellir - the colourful Lava Tunnel in Iceland

Fascinating colours and lava formations in the Raufarhólshellir lava tunnel in Iceland. Travelogue and tips for a worthwhile visit to the underworld.
Mit Traktor und Heuwagen zu den Puffins von Ingólfshöfði

With Tractor and Hay Cart to the Puffins of Ingólfshöfði

Birdwatching in Iceland in a different way - with tractor and hay cart we go over the endless black beach to the puffins and skuas at Cape Ingólfshöfði
Kajaktour auf der Gletscherlagune Heinabergslón in Island

Kayak Tour on the Heinabergslón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

A kayak tour between icebergs on the Heinabergslón ice lagoon in Iceland is a nature experience off the beaten track. You can find all information here.
Katla-Eishöhle in Island – Eingang zu einer Märchenwelt

Katla Ice Cave in Iceland - Entrance to a Fairytale World

A visit to the Katla ice cave is one of the most beautiful nature experiences you can have in Iceland. At the Katla volcano this is even possible in summer.