Nice of to have you stop by! I'm Mareike. Nature lover, passionate photographer, and preferably outdoors. Always looking for new experiences and motifs. Welcome to my travel blog!

At my favorite activity: Taking pictures in Greenland. Photo: Dr. Till Pasquay

But honestly: My blog is about much more than just traveling. It's about looking closely, gaining insight, learning from what we experience, falling in love with our world and also giving something back to it. It's not just about the big things and far journeys, but also the little things that one has to search for a bit first. In my blog I take you with me on my travels, share experiences and ideas with you. In addition to tips for travel, nature experiences and animal observations, you will also find suggestions, how you can capture your impressions in your pictures. Travel and photography - two things that for me are closely connected and influence each other.

Photography and Traveling

My camera has become an important part of me in recent years and accompanies me on all my travels. Through it I have learned to see my surroundings with more open eyes, to discover details and to look for the unusual. Whereby I also often discover how wonderful just the everyday can be.

Every trip is unique and incomparable for me and I return home a little bit richer every time. Rich in impressions, rich in strengthened trust in life, the helpfulness of people and also in my talent for improvisation. No matter if it's a weekend trip to the local area or a long-distance trip to another continent. With open eyes, ears and hearts you can experience unforgettable moments everywhere, be moved by nature experiences, encounters with other people and fill your own inner treasure box. Before each trip, I always intensively reflect on my destination. I feel how doors open in my inner being, new paths open up and I arrive more and more at myself, journey after journey.

My heart beats especially for the cold regions of the earth, which I have feverishly fallen for since my first trip to Greenland.

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I'm based in Berlin, Germany, one of the greenest and most biodiverse cities in Europe. I graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with a Diploma in Technical Environmental Protection and earned a Master's in Conservation at the University of Rostock. I work as a project manager and run the travel blog "Fernweh-Motive". In addition, I am a certified trekking guide and wilderness guide with the Guide Academy Europe as well as a certified Leave No Trace Trainer Level 1.