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Open ones eyes, see the world, see it differently.
It's about traveling and experiencing nature,
the broadening of horizons and hearts.

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I am Mareike. Traveler with permanent wanderlust, discoverer of big and small treasures of our world and passionate photographer. Always on the lookout for new experiences and motifs, I am drawn out into the world. Do you share the same passion?

"The wonderful things in life are the things you do, not the things you have."

Reinhold Messner

What's new?

Highlights of a Boat Trip around the Westman Island Heimaey
Islands Kronjuwelen: Welche ist die schönste Gletscherlagune?
Iceland's Crown Jewels: Which is the most beautiful Glacier Lagoon?
Grünes Berlin - Ausflugstipp Greenwichpromenade und Tegeler Forst
Green Berlin - Excursion Tip Greenwich Promenade and Tegel Forest
Mount Kenya – hoch hinaus auf den Point Lenana
Mount Kenya - high up on Point Lenana
Reisebericht & Tipps für die Besteigung Point Lenana
Travelogue & Tips for Climbing Point Lenana
Tsavo Nationalpark - das Reich der Roten Elefanten
Tsavo Nationalpark - das Reich der Roten Elefanten

What you'll find on Fernweh-Motive

Roadtrips and Camping

With the Land Rover Series 2, the 4x4 Camper Iveco 40/10 WM or a rental car. Come with me on road trips through Iceland, the Baltic States and the Balkans. Here you can find out everything about our routes, highlights, and all kinds of other tips for your planning.

Wildlife Experiences

Encounters with wild animals are always intense. Whales, sharks, sea lions and penguins are my clear favorites. I have put together my best travel tips for wildlife encounters for you. For moments that you will never forget in your life.

Outdoor Tips

On this page you will find an overview of everything that belongs to outdoor life and travel: It's about travel preparations, choosing the right outdoor equipment, the necessary skills and recommendations for your packing list. You will also find gift ideas and DIY instructions for traveling and being outdoors.

Under Water

Diving and snorkeling in very special places: Between two continental plates in Iceland, with basking sharks in Scotland, in a submarine bunker in Montenegro, with sea lions and leopard sharks in California or with bull sharks and whale sharks in Mexico.


No matter whether it's a big challenge or a small hike. Whenever I discover the world around me on foot, I feel particularly connected to it. Do you feel the same? Here I tell you about my most beautiful hiking experiences and fire up your wanderlust.

City Discoveries

Street art and lost places, tips for discoveries on your own as well as recommendations for tours, accommodation, etc. I also give you tips where you find the most beautiful photo locations. Because exploring the city is twice as much fun with the camera in the hand.

All about Iceland

The most beautiful corners of Iceland: Inside a colourful volcano, looking for the cute puffins or at the entrance to a fairytale world of ice crystals and volcanic ash? You can find that and much more travel inspiration and tips on my Iceland pages.


Inspirationen für euren nächsten Roadtrip

Roadtrip Albanien – 15 Highlights, Tipps und Route
Mit Land Rover Serie II nach Island - ABC für einen "Offroad"-Trip
With Land Rover Series II to Iceland - ABC for an "Offroad"-Trip
Roadtrip Ostsee – 21 Highlights, Tipps und Route für Russland & Baltikum
Roadtrip Baltic Sea - 21 Highlights, Tips and Route for Russia & Baltic States

Where is the Journey going to?

Ihr sucht neue Reiseideen? Dann seid ihr hier richtig.

Which is my favorite country? Unfortunately, that is not shown on the map - it is Antarctica. But to be honest: every country is worth a trip, because every country shows you a bit more of the world and above all of yourself.

Weltkarte Placeholder

Ihr liebt schöne Landschaften?

Mono Lake - Sehenswertes und Fototipps
Mono Lake - Sights and Photo Tips
Grönland im Winter
Greenland in Winter
Färöer-Inseln - Roadtrip
Faroe Islands - Road trip over the wild islands in the North Atlantic

Stop Finning!

The shark fin trade is based on the practice of cutting off the sharks' fins and throwing the animal back into the ocean. It is often still alive. Due to their high commercial value and traditional use in Asian culture, shark finning is still practiced. Europe is one of the major players in the global fin trade.

Wildlife Erlebnisse, die unter die Haut gehen

Die Beluga Wale der Solowezki-Inseln
The Beluga Whales of the Solowezki Islands
The King Penguins of Tierra del Fuego
Schottland – Schnorcheln mit Riesenhaien
Schottland – Schnorcheln mit Riesenhaien

Do you know Arwak?

"Arwak" is the name of one of the horses that pulls the carriage of the sun goddess Sol along the sky. What could be more suitable for a motorhome? Do you want to know more about the Iveco 40/10 WM?

Let yourself be enchanted by icebergs, whales and penguins.