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Open the eyes, see the world, see it differently.
It's about traveling and experiencing nature,
the broadening of horizons and hearts.

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I am Mareike. Traveler with permanent wanderlust, discoverer of big and small treasures of our world, nature lover, outdoor enthusiast and passionate photographer. Welcome to my travel blog!

What draws me to a certain place? Mostly it's nature, water and for some time now more and more the high mountains. Sometimes it's also lost places, street art or architecture from the Soviet era. Mostly, though, it's wildlife and the prospect of unforgettable encounters.

Fernweh-Motive reflects my interests and passions. Most articles are reports about my travels with many practical tips to help you with your own discoveries and travel plans. Each article is carefully researched and accompanied by my photos and, in the future, an occasional video.

My next trip is to Norway to see the orcas in November.
Stop by and join me underwater to see these fantastic animals.

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Zukunftsvisionen von Gestern: Sowjetische Architektur und Brutalismus in Tiflis
Yesterday's Visions of the Future: Soviet Architecture in Tbilisi
Kajaktour bei den Orcas der San Juan Islands
Kayak Tour at the Orcas of the San Juan Islands
Road Trip Georgia: in 4×4 Lada Niva from Kutaisi through Svaneti

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You are looking for new travel ideas? Then you are right here.
Every country is worth a trip, because every country shows us a bit more of the world and especially of ourselves.

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Do you know Arwak?

„Arwak“ – so heißt eines der Pferde, das den Wagen der Sonnengöttin Sol den Himmelsbogen entlang zieht.
Was könnte passender sein für ein Reisemobil? Ihr wollt mehr über den Iveco 40/10 WM wissen?

Stop Finning!

The shark fin trade is based on the practice of cutting off the sharks' fins and throwing the animal back into the ocean. It is often still alive. Due to their high commercial value and traditional use in Asian culture, shark finning is still practiced. Europe is one of the major players in the global fin trade.