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Lost Places

Photographing against oblivion.

Often it is a lack of economic viability, high monument protection requirements or an already hopeless state of decay. Some buildings with a long history and sometimes of very special beauty become abandoned and often fall into oblivion.

When I visit Lost Places, I want to capture these places and save them from being forgotten. I want to show their beauty, which is sometimes only revealed at second glance.



Lost Place Glashütte Haidemühl: Birch, Glass and Potassium Carbonate

In the south of Brandenburg, the lost place Glashütte Haidemühl is being reclaimed by nature... despite contaminated sites that have been rotting away for 30 years.
Zukunftsvisionen von Gestern: Sowjetische Architektur und Brutalismus in Tiflis

Yesterday's Visions of the Future: Soviet Architecture in Tbilisi

Yesterday's visions of the future: discover Soviet architecture, Brutalism and mosaics in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.
Tschiatura Seilbahnen

Chiatura - Legendary Cable Cars, Lost Places, Soviet Architecture and More

What is left of the cable cars in Chiatura in 2021? Does the Lost Place Pioneer Palace still exist? Including map with photo motifs.

Photo Tour in "Elektropolis" - Industrial Architecture in Berlin Schöneweide

Tips for the best photo tour in Berlin Schöneweide on your own for lovers of industrial architecture, brick romance and lost places.

Ghost Island Cramond - Insider Tip for Edinburgh

Relics from the 2nd World War, bunkers, ruins and great coastal nature - information and tips for your trip to the ghost island Cramond near Edinburgh.
Hoxa Head Battery - Lost Place auf den Orkneys

Hoxa Head Battery - Lost Place on the Orkneys

Lost Places on the Orkneys in Scotland - loop along the coast to the ruins of the coastal artillery battery Hoxa Head.
Flugzeugwrack am Strand von Sólheimasandur – Tipps und Infos für euren Besuch

Airplane Wreck of Sólheimasandur - Tips and Infos for your Visit

Waterfalls, glaciers and ice caves are among the most popular highlights in Iceland - as is the plane wreck on the beach of Sólheimasandur.
Spurensuche – Wachtürme und Reste der Berliner Mauer

Traces - Watchtowers and remains of the Berlin Wall

Where are the former watchtowers of the Berlin Wall still located? And where are there still sections of the former border fortifications worth seeing?
Insel Elba Reisetipp – die Minen von Capoliveri

Island of Elba - the Mines of Capoliveri

Those who travel to Elba often come here for diving. The island's rock formations provide plenty of variety and the marine reserve promises biodiversity. A sunken...
Döberitzer Heide – Ausflug zum alten Truppenübungsplatz bei Berlin

Döberitzer Heide - Trip to the old Military Training Area near Berlin

Ausflug ins Grüne? Wanderung im NSG Döberitzer Heide – dem ehemaligen Truppenübungsplatz bei Berlin? Hier gibt es Tipps für eure Wandertour.
Lost Places in Berlin und Brandenburg

Lost Places - abandoned Places in Berlin and Brandenburg

Spannende Lost Places in Berlin und Brandenburg. Erfahrt, ob und wie ihr die verlassenen Orte besichtigen könnt - von außen und manche auch von innen.
Abhörstation Teufelsberg – Street Art Mekka & Lost Place in Berlin

Listening Station Teufelsberg - Street Art Mecca & Lost Place in Berlin

You love street art and lost places? Then you should visit the former listening station at Teufelsberg in Berlin. Impressions, tips and info.