Here you will find an overview of all my reports and travel tips for Scotland.

Among other things, it's about a road trip on the legendary North Coast 500 with tent and rental car, tips for the Orkney Islands and the Isle of Skye as well as unforgettable wildlife encounters with the very small (damn Midges) and very large animals, the Basking Sharks, and the cutest Reindeer in the world.

And of course, my favorite places in Edinburgh are not missing: the eerily beautiful Greyfriars Cemetery and the Tidal Island and Lost Place Cramond.

Most of the articles were written on my trip to Scotland in summer 2020. The summer when Covid-19 made traveling something very special.

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Outdoor-Skills für Berge & Schnee: Scottisch Winter Mountaineering

Scottisch Winter Mountaineering in Glencoe

For ambitious mountain hikers and beginning climbers - impressions from our Scottish Winter Mountaineering course in Glencoe.
Isle of Skye – die 9 schönsten Wanderungen

Isle of Skye - the 9 most beautiful Hikes

The spectacular scenery of the Isle of Skye is a nature lover's paradise - but which hikes are the best?
Das Herz der Cuillins und der Bad Step, Isle of Skye

The Heart of the Cuillins and the Bad Step, Isle of Skye

Eine der schönsten Wanderrouten auf Skye und Teil des Skye Trails im Herzen der Cuillins. Doch wie schlimm ist der "Bad Step" eigentlich?
Orkney Inseln: Sehenswertes und Tipps für euren Roadtrip mit Zelt

Orkney Islands: Sights and Tips for your Roadtrip with Tent

Mystical stories & fabulous landscapes: The 17 most beautiful sights and tips for your road trip in Orkney.

Ghost Island Cramond - Insider Tip for Edinburgh

Relics from the 2nd World War, bunkers, ruins and great coastal nature - information and tips for your trip to the ghost island Cramond near Edinburgh.
Hoxa Head Battery - Lost Place auf den Orkneys

Hoxa Head Battery - Lost Place on the Orkneys

Lost Places on the Orkneys in Scotland - loop along the coast to the ruins of the coastal artillery battery Hoxa Head.
Toter Hund und Poltergeist – Greyfriars Friedhof in Edinburgh

Dead Dog and Poltergeist - Greyfriars Graveyard in Edinburgh

Greyfriars Kirkyard Cemetery in Edinburgh is famous for its eerily beautiful graves, a dead dog, a poltergeist and mortsafes.
"Old Man of Hoy" - Sea Stack auf den Orkneys

"Old Man of Hoy" - Sea Stack on the Orkneys

Coastal walk on the Isle of Hoy to the "Old Man of Hoy" - the most beautiful sea stack in Orkney. Tips and info about the hike.
Rätselhafte Whalebone-Skulptur der Orkneys

Mysterious Whalebone Sculpture of the Orkneys

Two huge whale bones form the mysterious whalebone sculpture of Birsay. What is the story behind the most bizarre sculpture of the Orkneys?
North Coast 500 – der beste Roadtrip in Schottland

North Coast 500 - the best Road Trip in Scotland

A road trip on the North Coast 500 takes you to the most beautiful places in Scotland. Route + sights + practical tips.
Midges in Schottland - Wann? Wo? Was hilft?

Midges in Scotland - When? Where? What helps?

Scotland without midges? Too good to be true. When, where and in which weather are the most mosquitoes? Tips for mosquito protection.
Neist Point - Schönste Klippen von Skye und Orca Hotspot

Neist Point - Spectacular Cliffs on Skye and Orca Hotspot

Steep cliffs, magnificent views, chances of seeing dolphins and orcas - tips and information for Neist Point on the western tip of the Isle of Skye.