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Die 13 besten Polarfilme

Movie Tips! The 13 best Polar Movies

Immerse yourself in exciting adventures and visually stunning documentaries. Bring the Arctic and Antarctica into your living room with my film tips for polar films.

Polar Literature - Book Tips on the Arctic and Antarctic

Polar literature - my book tips about the Arctic and Antarctica - book recommendations about adventures of the great polar explorers, expeditions, polar journeys, travel guides - sorry, in German only
Antarktis - die besten Tipps für die Reise

Antarctica - the best Tips for your Trip

Read here the best tips for a trip to Antarctica. Choosing the type of ship and travel time, tips for the packing list, landings and photography.
Deception Island – Lost Place in der Antarktis

Deception Island - Lost Place in Antarctica

A lost place in the middle of Antarctica - in Whaler's Bay on Deception Island you will find the remains of an old whale factory and a research station.
Pinguine - Tipps für tolle Pinguinfotos

Penguins - Tips for great Penguin Photos

You want to bring home great penguin photos? Then read my best tips on equipment, perspectives, camera settings and more.
Brown Bluff - Pinguin Party am Tafelvulkan

Brown Bluff - Penguins at the Table Volcano

Adelie penguins as far as the eye can see. Moving animal experiences and close-ups of penguins at the Brown Bluff table volcano in Antarctica.
Port Lockroy - südlichstes Museum und Poststation der Welt

Port Lockroy - the southernmost Museum and Postal Station in the World

Port Lockroy is the southernmost museum and postal station in the world. More about Port Lockroy and how to get one of the most beautiful souvenirs from Antarctica.
Neumayerkanal - Erfüllung eines Traums

Neumayer Channel - A Dream comes true

Glacial fields and ice breaks within reach. A trip through the Neumayer Channel is a dream come true, accompanied by whales and penguins.
Arktis und Antarktis Museum Sankt Petersburg

Arctic and Antarctic Museum Saint Petersburg

Das Arktis und Antarktis Museum Sankt Petersburg ist das größte Museum für Polargebiete und das Einzige, das die Arktis und Antarktis zeigt.
Winter in Tromsø - das Tor zur Arktis

Winter in Tromsø - the Gateway to the Arctic

A trip to Tromsø - the gateway to the Arctic - is very special in winter. Boat trips, whales, reindeer, Sami culture, northern lights and polar museum
Grönland im Winter

Greenland in Winter

Visit Tasiilaq in East Greenland in winter - stunning scenery, snowshoeing, dog sledding, aurora borealis in East Greenland
Mit Hundeschlitten von Tasiilaq nach Tiniteqilaaq - Ostgrönland - Grönland im Winter

With Dog Sled from Tasiilaq to Tiniteqilaaq

Dog sledding from Tasiilaq to Tiniteqilaaq is a highlight of any winter trip to Greenland. Pure cold, wind and freedom!