PET Bottles to cuddle! Sleeping Bag Oscar -2 from Nordisk in the Test

Schlafsack Oscar -2 von Nordisk
Sleeping Bag Oscar -2 from Nordisk

In cooperation with SportFits. SportFits.

How can recycled PET bottles be so soft? Nordisk demonstrates it with the Norguard Eco synthetic filling in the Oscar -2 sleeping bag. At just 940 grams, the 100% recycled fiber sleeping bag is a lightweight 3-season sleeping bag with a comfort temperature in the low single digits. But is the very thin and tightly cut three-season sleeping bag functional and warm enough?

I was on tour with the Oscar -2. First, it went two weeks through the mountains of the Lofoten and then two weeks over the Kungsleden in Sweden. In July and August, the night temperatures here were between 12° and 4° Celsius. And because the sleeping bag is always only a part of the heat insulation and sleeping comfort: for this I use the NeoAir sleeping pad from Therm-a-rest and a 3-season tent.

Why did I choose the Oscar -2 from Nordisk?

It should be light, sustainable, and in any case with synthetic filling. On my tours, the backpack easily weighs between 23 and 26 kilograms. So I'm happy about every gram I can save. Usually, down sleeping bags are always a nose ahead of synthetic fiber sleeping bags in terms of weight. But if you like to travel in rainy regions like I do, you'll appreciate the synthetic fibers that are insensitive to moisture. I was also specifically looking for a three-year sleeping bag that didn't have to be quite so warm. The 4° Celsius in the comfort range should be enough. And if it should be colder on tour, then an additional silk ticking is used. And for the even colder tours, the winter sleeping bag is at home on the shelf.

The Danish outdoor gear manufacturer uses recycled PET bottles for the Norguard Eco synthetic filling.

My first Impression of the Sleeping Bag

When I unpacked it, I immediately noticed how wonderfully soft the material was. Especially on the inside, the sleeping bag is so soft that I was afraid I would break it just by touching it.

The outer and inner material is made of the ultra-fine Nortech Style S-NY 7D fabric. The micro ripstop construction makes it tough and durable. On the outside, the sleeping bag is protected by a DWR coating so moisture can't get in. In fact, I never had any problems with moisture. Condensation that condensed on the sleeping bag due to my breathing I could simply wipe off and there was no soaking of the material.

Nach vier Wochen Einsatz ist der Oscar  immer noch fast wie neu. Aber eben nur fast: außen gibt es trotz sorgsamer Benutzung leichte Abnutzungsspuren.

Unfortunately, there is still no photo technology where you can reproduce the softness of the material.

Fit and Comfort of the Nordisk Oscar -2

In addition to the material, the shape of a sleeping bag is crucial for its weight, thermal performance, and sleeping comfort. Thus, a sleeping bag with a mummy cut is usually warmer and lighter than one with an egg shape. With the "Curved" cut, Nordisk goes one step further. This shape is described by Nordisk as the "optimal balance between insulation and space". There is no unnecessary empty space that needs to be heated. For me, as a slimly built person, this cut also provides enough space to still carry a ticking as well as my camera batteries and cell phone in the sleeping bag. There is even a small internal pocket in the chest area for batteries or other small stuff. I was also able to comfortably turn from one side to the other in the completely closed sleeping bag. But for one or the other the curved cut may be too tight.

The cords of the hood and the thermal protection collar can be easily operated from the inside. Likewise the 2-way zipper. What I found very helpful was that the construction of the zipper avoids accidentally opening it too wide and then having to fumble the two sides of the zipper back together laboriously, or even in the dark, while you slowly but surely cool down.

In addition to the side two-way zipper, there is another zipper on the right shoulder and one on the shark fin foot area. These can be used for thermoregulation and also allow the use of both arms even with the sleeping bag pulled up, for example for breakfast coffee in the sleeping bag.

The 2-way zipper is designed so you don't accidentally open it completely and then have to laboriously fumble it back together in the dark.

The inside chest pocket can be used to conveniently store cell phones, batteries and other small items.

Thermal Performance

The Oscar -2 is a 3-season sleeping bag with a comfort temperature of up to + 4°Celsius and a limit temperature of -2 Celsius (tested according to European standard EN 13537). The insulation is made from 100% recycled PET bottles, which was a contributing factor in my selection. The hollow fibers of the Norguard Eco filling and the two-layer H-chamber construction ensure not only good thermal performance but also optimal moisture transport and a comfortable interior climate. But does Oscar deliver what it promises?

During my two tours in Norway and in Sweden, the nightly temperatures were between 12° and 4° Celsius. During the cold nights, it was not only cold but also damp and the wind blew through the mesh fabric of my tent. With a T-shirt and shorts, the sleeping bag was too cold for me on those nights. A tightly pulled thermal protection collar and the hood, which left only my nose free, helped. However, the warmth gained was not enough for me. Only my silk sleeping bag ticking and a Merino long sleeve drove away the chill and I could snuggle up relaxed again.

Der Oscar -2 ist ein 3-Seasons Schlafsack mit einer Komforttemperatur bis + 4° Celsius, einer Limittemperatur von -2° Celsius und einer Extremetemperatur von -20° Celsius (getestet gemäß europäischem Standard EN 13537).

Overall Conclusion on the 3-season Sleeping Bag Oscar -2 from Nordisk

The Oscar -2 from Nordisk really kept me amazingly warm with its thin synthetic fill and was very comfortable for me to sleep in.

However, at temperatures around the comfort range of 4° Celsius, I found it not warm enough and used an additional silk ticking. For tours in, for example, northern Scandinavia, far from sheltering infrastructure, I can therefore only recommend it with an additional ticking, bivy sack, warm sleeping clothes, or bed bottle with hot water. In these areas, temperatures can quickly be in the low single digits even in summer. Combined with wetness, wind, or even physical exhaustion, you would otherwise have no more thermal reserves.

Together with the lightweight and small pack size, the Nordisk Oscar -2 definitely competes with down sleeping bags. For those who are looking for a warm, lightweight sleeping bag and want to go without down and rely on recycled material that is insensitive to moisture, the Oscar -2 is a good choice.

Note: This review was written in cooperation with SportFits. My test verdict was not influenced by this.

Do you have any experience with the Oscar -2 from Nordisk on your trips? What is your favorite sleeping bag? I look forward to your comments!

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