Make Memories and Experiences last - 5 Tips for your best Photos

Erinnerungen und Erlebnisse verewigen – 5 Tipps für eure schönsten Fotos
Make Memories and Experiences last - 5 Tips for your best Photos

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You have collected beautiful memories on your travels that you will never forget? Now you want to keep them physically, show them to your friends or hang them in your living room? Then read on, as I have a few tips for you on how you can easily do this with your own fridge magnets or a poster print. It's a great way to bring your memories back to life.

Digital Pictures to touch

Nowadays, it's easy to take high-resolution photos of great experiences with your smartphone. You don't even need an expensive camera to take them. But most of the pictures end up as a digital data package somewhere in the depths of your phone memory or disappear into the vastness of the cloud. That's far too sad! After all, the photos from your last trip, the trip you've been looking forward to for months beforehand, deserve to be showcased. That' s why I've got five tips for you on how to make your experiences tangible in the future.

This is how vacation memories become tangible.

Tip 1: Photo Calendar

You have already collected a lot of pictures from different vacations, longer trips and excursions that you would like to remember? Then a photo calendar is the classic way to show off your photos.Either for your own four walls or as a gift. It's best to choose photos that match the season. For example, pictures of your last winter vacation or the icy landscapes of Antarctica are perfect for the months of January and February. On the other hand, a romantic shot of a local cherry blossom is perfect for spring. Just browse through your collected pictures. There is guaranteed to be a suitable image for every month.)

Kalender und Poster Druck
Calendars let you experience your last journey every month anew.

Maybe you decide for a perpetual photo calendar, where no weekdays are assigned. You can use it every year again. This is sustainable, saves money and you will enjoy it for a long time.

Tip 2: Have a Photo printed as a Poster

You have a really nice picture that you like to look at again and again? Then it's time to bring out your favorite picture in a big way: as a poster print with or without a frame, as a print on aluminum or behind acrylic glass for an elegant look. There is something for every taste. And such a large landscape panorama in landscape format looks great above the sideboard or the sofa. When printing your posters, you also have a wide range of photo papers and formats to choose from, giving you endless options for decorating your four walls.

You are not yet completely satisfied with your photos? Then a photo workshop, such as this one in the Harz Mountains, would be a great idea. There you will learn everything about technique, cropping and co. and your pictures will quickly look really professional. Just look at the internet, there you will definitely find great photo workshops near you.

Landschaftspanorama als Poster Druck
A photo as a poster print looks good in all imaginable formats.

Extra tip for Vanlife:
Your living room is on four wheels?
How about printing a poster for your van?
It looks great and makes it even more comfortable.

Tip 3: Photo Book

What could be better than a complete photo book from a special trip? Keep a record of your hiking tour through Scandinavia or your stay in the Harz mountains in a dedicated book that you can take out and leaf through again and again. For big trips, there are also more voluminous books, while small excursions can be captured wonderfully in a mini photo book . I particularly like DIN A4 in landscape format, because you can print a landscape panorama over a whole double page. You can design the inside according to your wishes. Many providers offer online editors that are intuitive to use and where you can save your work in your account. So you don't need any experience in image design or special software. Often you can choose between an automatic and a manual layout and arrange the images accordingly on the page.

Tip 4: Photo Magnets

You can find a selection of photo magnets in almost every souvenir store. Unfortunately, many of them don't look very appealing. How about making your own magnets? You can then use your best travel photos to individually decorate your refrigerator or attach your notes to a magnetic board.The small magnets are usually available in several sizes. They can also be used to create photo collages. This is perfect if you have a series of photos in the same style.

Extra tip for deco fans:
You love to decorate your home according to the seasons?
Then maybe a set of "winter magnets", a set of "spring magnets" etc. would be something for you.

Magnets are especially good if there is no more room for big posters in your apartment. This way you can preserve the most beautiful photos of your experiences on photo magnets in a very space-saving way.

Why don't you put together a series of photos in the same style? Looks great and it would be pretty cool to have these pictures as magnets. Wouldn't it?

Tip 5: Photo Puzzle for your Kids

Do you have kids? Are the little ones involved in your adventures? Then a photo puzzle could also be the perfect choice for immortalizing your experiences. The puzzles can be printed with different numbers of pieces, so you can choose the appropriate level of difficulty for your child. On boring rainy afternoons, these puzzles can work wonders. Just get your very own photo puzzle out of the closet and put it together with the kids. At the end, as soon as the motif becomes recognizable, you can reminisce together and remember this special day. By the way, the puzzle trains your child's logical thinking and short-term memory.

Is there something in it for you? Then it's your turn. Have fun looking through your photo collection and enjoy designing and printing your posters and calendars. Do you have any questions about my article? Then just write me a comment.

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