Packing List for the Ascent of Point Lenana, Mount Kenya

Packliste für die Besteigung des Point Lenana, Mount Kenya
Packing List for the Ascent of Point Lenana, Mount Kenya

Kenya. Do not take too much, but still everything that is necessary. And don't forget anything important! But above all: the backpack must not be too heavy! Is packing for a trekking tour always the same challenge for you? Then have a look here. I have compiled a practical packing list for the ascent of Point Lenana on Mount Kenya.

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Besteigung des Point Lenana, Mount Kenya
Above 4,000 meters we hike through a surreal landscape.

But first of all: we cheated. Because we didn't have to carry everything up the mountain ourselves. In addition to our guide, we were accompanied by a cook and three porters who took care of the tents, cooking equipment and all the food. In addition, each of us was able to hand over 10 kg of personal luggage. We gave our big trekking backpacks to the porters and walked only with daypacks. Everything we didn't need during the ascent of Point Lenana we could deposit in a duffel bag at our tour provider Go To Mount Kenya and Natural World Kenya Safaris Safaris.

Gipfel Point Lenana, Mount Kenya
At the top of Point Lenana, Kenya's flag flies at 4,985 meters.


  • Rain jacket and rain trousers
  • warm down jacket
  • a fleece sweater
  • a merino wool longsleeve
  • two merino wool t-shirts
  • Softshell pants
  • Underwear, including thermal underwear for top and bottom (also for sleeping)
  • Baseball cap for sun protection
  • Cap, buff, scarf
  • warm, waterproof gloves
  • Ankle-high trekking boots


  • Warm sleeping bag, for example Glacier 1000 from Mountain Equipment.
  • Insulation mattress with a high insulation value (R-value), for example the super-light ThermaRest NeoAir XTherm*with an R-value of 6.9

Toiletries and First Aid Kit

  • Sunscreen (50+) and protection for the lips
  • Throat lozenges against a dry throat in the high altitude air
  • Mineral tablets, for example Isostar
  • Ibuprofen
  • If necessary, sea salt nasal spray (my nose is very dried out due to the increased breathing)
  • Water disinfection tablets Micropur Forte*
  • Wet wipes as a bathroom substitute
  • Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, scrunchies...)
  • Medicine against diarrhea, for example Immodium Akut
  • First aid pack incl. emergency blanket and blister plaster
  • Personal medicines
  • Tissues and toilet paper

Technical Equipment

What else?

Besteigung des Point Lenana, Mount Kenya
Good that there is the help of the porters on the trekking tour. However, I was amazed that some even carry plastic stools up the mountain.

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