Art Park Tegel - the Graffiti Skyscrapers of Berlin

Art Park Tegel - die Graffiti-Hochhäuser von Berlin
Art Park Tegel - the Graffiti Skyscrapers of Berlin

The once grey panel buildings in the south of Tegel have taken on a new colour. The graffiti skyscrapers proudly tower above all other blocks of flats and trees in the surrounding area. The largest murals in Berlin extend to over 17 floors. Although they are somewhat remote, they can be seen from far away. And they have become a "must see" for all street art fans in Berlin. Here you can find out everything you need to know for your visit to Art Park Tegel and take a look at the works of art.

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Concrete Slab Buildings become Art - the Art Park Tegel develops

Prefabricated housing is usually grey and anything but beautiful. But with chronic housing shortages, the so called "Platte" has its justification. With its purpose-optimised building style and effective construction method, it offers many people affordable living space. In addition, the large facades of the buildings offer room for new ideas.

The Gewobag housing association and the URBAN NATION artist network also saw this. As part of the "One Wall" project, URBAN NATION regularly invites international street art artists to decorate Berlin wall by wall. In the summer of 2016, it was the turn of six walls from the prefabricated apartment buildings in Nehringer Strasse. Art Park Tegel was born - one of the largest outdoor galleries in Berlin. There are now eight gigantic murals measuring 42 x 16 meters. That is Street Art in large format!

Art Park Tegel, Berlin - Übersichtsplan der Murals
Art Park Tegel, Berlin - General plan of the Murals

URBAN NATION is a network for artists, projects and neighbourhood of the Berliner Leben Foundation. Motto: "Connect. Create. Care." Berliner Leben, on the other hand, is a foundation of the municipal housing association Gewobag and was founded in 2013. Its aim is the continuous and sustainable development of Berlin's neighbourhood.

Tankpetrol und Queen Kong: 2268 miles & Luchadora Pachamama

Within seven days Tankpetrol and Queen Kong painted a significant statement on the wall at Neheimer Strasse 4: The Pilot Girl (left side, painted by Tankpetrol) watches over everything and fights for space and freedom. Later she returns transformed and shows her second face: Luchadora Pachamama (right side, painted by Queen Kong). She is now fighting for the preservation of nature, for justice, security and a home for all people. Regardless of their origin, gender or generation.

And what do the 2268 miles mean? Some people who live on Neheimer Strasse travelled 2268 miles to find a new home and peace. A big mural - not only in terms of its dimensions!

Art Park Tegel, Berlin - Tankpetrol und Queen Kong: 2268 miles & Luchadora Pachamama
Art Park Tegel, Berlin – Tankpetrol and Queen Kong: 2268 miles & Luchadora Pachamama

Nuno Viegas, Hera & Akut: Real Recognize Real

The mural with the woman in the hoodie with the crowned animals in her hand is my favourite picture in Art Park Tegel. "Ick lass dir nicht hängen" is in Berlin language and English ("I will never let you down") all over the place in the background. It refers to nature - represented by the bear, the fox and the deer.

The intention of the duo Herakut is to anchor positive signs of life and thinking in a city. With the mural, the artists want to remind Berliners what really makes Berlin special. Because it is not the clubs & Co., but the proximity to nature. The woman in the hoodie has recognized it and enjoys the beauty of nature.

The gigantic work of art with a surface area of 42×16 metres was created in the summer of 2019 over a period of two weeks.

Art Park Tegel, Berlin - Nuno Viegas, Hera & Akut: Real Recognize Real
Art Park Tegel, Berlin – Nuno Viegas, Hera & Akut: Real Recognize Real

Tip: If you also want to enjoy the nature right away, I recommend a walk along the Tegeler See. If it is warm enough you can go swimming here. Otherwise you can watch ducks and swans, rent a rowing boat, take a trip on a sightseeing steamer or just chill with a coffee and a piece of cake on the shore.

London Police: Untitled

Bold Colours and Iconic Characters are the trademarks of the London Police team of artists. Their art is colourful and positive. With their works they want to make people laugh or cry and stimulate their own creativity. Their mural with the oversized smileys stands for teamwork and cohesion. In a world of individualism and social differences, it should make the viewer think.

Tegel Art Park, Berlin - London Police: ohne Titel
Tegel Art Park, Berlin – London Police: untitled

Collin van der Sluijs & Super A: The Starling

Who doesn't know them? The fantastic formation flights of huge starling swarms in the sky. They gather by the thousands and then fly south like one large individual. They do not follow a leader but are united in a community that protects each other. Impressive, isn't it?

Art Park Tegel, Berlin - Collin van der Sluijs & Super A: The Starling
Art Park Tegel, Berlin – Collin van der Sluijs & Super A: The Starling

The starling in this mural stands as a symbol of community and migration. The plumage of the 30 meter high animal shimmers blue-violet. His chest is also fantasyfully covered with flower tendrils and precious stones. The starling with its typical behaviour is supposed to be a metaphor for the culture in Berlin.

Fintan Magee: Circle of Life

The 41.5 meter high mural by Fintan Magee is based on the children's book 'A Childs Garden' by Michael Foreman. The book is about the human spirit, its indestructibility and its ability to start again after a destruction. His painting shows a woman with a baby in her arms and a man. Both are standing on rubble and turned away from each other, looking and walking in different directions. I don't think that was a happy ending. Nevertheless, both look confidently into their future with their heads held high.

Art Park Tegel, Berlin - Fintan Magee: Circle of Life
Art Park Tegel, Berlin – Fintan Magee: Circle of Life

Long tested and much loved: my three companions on photo tours: the lightweight carbon tripod CT-5C I from Rollei*, the cleaning kit from Rollei*and my indestructible camera backpack, the Flipside from Lowepro*.

Pixel Pancho: Playing Card

Pixel Pancho from Turin is known as the guy with the robots. Because robots are the perfect symbol for the human urge to be godlike and to control life. Pixel Pancho's pictures are about flowers, machines and nature. In the end, nature defeats the machine and blossoms. His pictures often stand for irritating themes of our society, among other things that everyone wears a mask and is no longer himself.

Pixel Pancho always uses earthy colors in his paintings. With this he wants to create a reference to history and also create an antique atmosphere. His 17-storey painting "Playing Card" shows the portrait of a robot man, with brass-coloured metal emerging from his cheeks and the back of his head. Colourful flowers grow on the back of his head and back. I would say that the painting is clearly inspired by the flower beds surrounding the prefabricated buildings.

Art Park Tegel, Berlin – Pixel Pancho: Playing Card

Hownosm: Tiptoes

The trademark of the twins How and Nosm are huge murals with intertwined motifs in red, white and black. Their mural in Neheimer Straße shows a surreal being standing on his tiptoes and reaching for the stars.

Hownosm: Tiptoes
Art Park Tegel, Berlin – Hownosm: Tiptoes

Jim Avignon: Balloon

Here something new is created. The street art artist Jim Avignon is designing another mural here as part of the "One Wall" program. The Berliner is known for his humorous paintings. The globe with the big eyes and the nicely curved lips looks very friendly in any case.

Art Park Tegel, Berlin - Jim Avignon: Balloon
Art Park Tegel, Berlin – Jim Avignon: Balloon

I am curious about the finished mural. Because it replaces another mural, which was very controversial after its completion. It was said to be too gloomy and depressing - the earlier painting stood for the refugee theme.

And this is how it looked: A refugee girl stood at a window in a white shirt covered with blood. She was looking at a forest. At the back of the forest a naked man was tied to a tree and pierced by arrows. What did the artist Borondo want to tell us with his painting? Something positive. The man was wounded but still he stood upright and was strong. In his painting the artist referred to the legend of Saint Sebastian, the most revered saint in the Catholic Church. St. Sebastian was supposed to be executed by archers. But he survived. So there is hope for the world. Borondo wanted to motivate us to look at the world like a child, with curiosity, open and unbiased. Too bad it didn't work and the picture is painted over. Well, maybe it wasn't the right place next to a kindergarten.

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How to get to Art Park Tegel

The Art Park Tegel with its eight murals is located between Neheimer Straße, Bernauer Straße and Emstaler Platz. The best way to get there is to take the U6 underground line to Holzhauser Straße. From there you can walk for about 20 minutes or take the bus line 133 (direction U-Bahnhof Haselhorst).

From the landing stage of the excursion boats at the Tegeler See you can see the huge murals from far away.

Do you want to discover the street art scene in Berlin together with like-minded people on a guided tour? Then I can recommend this three-hour Street Art Tour* or the half-day Tour through the Alternative Berlin* . Both tours are in English. Do you love lost places as much as street art? Then the Tour to the former Listening Station at Teufelsberg* (in German) is made for you.

Book Recommendations for Street Art Fans

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