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Neist Point - Schönste Klippen von Skye und Orca Hotspot

Neist Point - Spectacular Cliffs on Skye and Orca Hotspot

Steep cliffs, magnificent views, chances of seeing dolphins and orcas - tips and information for Neist Point on the western tip of the Isle of Skye.
St. Kilda – Reisetipps für die einsamste Insel Britanniens

St. Kilda - Travel Tips for the loneliest Island in Britain

Information and tips for your visit to St. Kilda - Bird paradise and largest colony of gannets in the world - Ruins at Village Bay
Wildlife in Schottland - die Rentiere der Cairngorms

Wildlife in Scotland - the Reindeer of the Cairngorms

Scotland. Where are there reindeer in Scotland? And how do you get to see them? Here you can find out everything about visiting the...
Meereshöhle "Spar Cave" auf der Isle of Skye

Sea Cave "Spar Cave" on the Isle of Skye

Adventurous tour to the sea cave Spar Cave on the Isle of Skye - a natural beauty with stalactites. All information on how to get there and access.
Aussichtsreiche Wanderung auf den Hjörleifshöfði im Süden von Island

Panoramic Hike to the Hjörleifshöfði in the South of Iceland

Short hike to the inselberg Hjörleifshöfði in the south of Iceland. View of Mýrdalssandur, glacier, Viking grave, ruins, cave.
Street Art Spaziergang Bülowstraße - Kunst für alle!

Street Art Walk Bülowstraße - Art for Everyone!

Fancy a street art walk around Bülowstraße? Street Art Hotspot in Berlin - Photo Gallery & Route & Museum
Raufarhólshellir - der bunte Lavatunnel in Island

Raufarhólshellir - the colourful Lava Tunnel in Iceland

Fascinating colours and lava formations in the Raufarhólshellir lava tunnel in Iceland. Travelogue and tips for a worthwhile visit to the underworld.
Mit Traktor und Heuwagen zu den Puffins von Ingólfshöfði

With Tractor and Hay Cart to the Puffins of Ingólfshöfði

Birdwatching in Iceland in a different way - with tractor and hay cart we go over the endless black beach to the puffins and skuas at Cape Ingólfshöfði
Kajaktour auf der Gletscherlagune Heinabergslón in Island

Kayak Tour on the Heinabergslón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

A kayak tour between icebergs on the Heinabergslón ice lagoon in Iceland is a nature experience off the beaten track. You can find all information here.
Katla-Eishöhle in Island – Eingang zu einer Märchenwelt

Katla Ice Cave in Iceland - Entrance to a Fairytale World

A visit to the Katla ice cave is one of the most beautiful nature experiences you can have in Iceland. At the Katla volcano this is even possible in summer.
Steinmännchen als Glücksbringer – Laufskálavarða auf Island

Cairns as Lucky Charms - Laufskálavarða on Iceland

The cairns of Laufskálavarða in the south of Iceland bring good luck for the journey. What's with the lucky charms?
Die 10 besten Sehenswürdigkeiten auf der Halbinsel Reykjanes

The 10 best Sights on the Reykjanes Peninsula

Swirling mud pots, bird rocks, lighthouses - what are the top sights on Reykjanes in the west of Iceland?