Wildlife Experiences

Encounters with wild animals are always intense. They touch me deep inside and remain in my memory for a lifetime. The possibilities for observing wild animals therefore usually determine my travel destination. Whales, sharks, sea lions and penguins are my clear favourites. On this page you will find an overview of my articles, reports, photo and travel tips for wildlife encounters.

Schottland - Schnorcheln mit Riesenhaien

Snorkeling with Basking Sharks in Scotland

Isle of Coll in Scotland - snorkeling with basking sharks from July to September. Plus great sandy beaches, nature, seals and whiskey.
Die Beluga Wale der Solowezki-Inseln

The Beluga Whales of the Solowezki Islands

Beluga whales of the Solowezki Islands from land or boat. Observation tower at Beluga Cape, directions on your own. Nursery of the white whales.